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E-cigarettes, Effective or no?

Everyone knows that smoking is terrible for your health. No matter how you spin it, even if there are some good results that come of it mentally or emotionally, no one can deny that it is simply not good for you. What about e-cigarettes though? Where exactly do they fall in the spectrum health wise? Well, those in South Africa are hesitant to give a concrete answer.

While researchers in Africa obviously admit to cigarettes being bad for your health, they are unsure of what to say about their less potent counterparts. Although they also admit that e-cigarettes are better when directly compared to regular cigarettes, there are still some problems that come with e-cigarettes. For example, e-cigarettes come in flavours which may look appetizing to young teenagers, and that may cause them to use e-cigarettes as a gateway to take up regular smoking, exactly what e-cigarettes are supposed to prevent. Another concern is that people may start smoking e-cigarettes with along with their regular cigarettes, which is even worse.

I understand where the researchers in South Africa, and I am actually torn in this particular manner in terms of what I believe. Even though some will say that e-cigarettes will not be a gateway to regular cigarettes, I can totally see it being one. It is just like anything else in life for those who have an addictive personality. For example, those who try one kind of drug that make them hallucinate somewhat, they are going to want to try something even stronger with the intent of having a more enjoyable time. Same thing with food products like chips or soda pop which are loaded with sugar and salt. After this point, even though I can see what they mean with the other points, I still think that e-cigarettes for now produce more benefit than danger. Even if someone was smoking e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes at the same time, this could still be a good thing because the reduced amount of tobacco could be replacing a whole extra pack that they may have smoked in it’s place, meaning that the e-cigarette is slowly bringing down their use of the product daily. Further, even though there is still nicotine in the e-cigarettes, I still like the idea of them being accessible easily because there is less nicotine in them, and while nicotine is still not that great for your health, this subtle amount may help those who are not strong enough to quit cold turkey and still feel the attachment to the sticks in their hands. I encourage researchers to continue working on e-cigarettes in case there is something found in their production that could potentially be more hazardous.

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