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Drunk Driver Kills Four During Bachelorette Party

It was a tragic end to a day of celebrations. Bachelorette party festivities came to an end after a devastating collision between the limo the girls were riding in and a pickup truck.

On Saturday, four people were killed when the limousine they were riding in was t-boned by a hit-and-run driver in Long Island. The limo was leaving a vineyard around 5:30pm after a day of bachelorette festivities when tragedy struck.

The limousine had eight women in it when it was hit by the truck. Witnesses say “the pickup truck was halfway through the limo. We saw bodies hanging out of the left side of the car. They looked like young girls. it was just arms, and heads and hair.”

The driver of the pickup truck was alledgedly impaired by alcohol. He has been identified as Steve Romeo of Southold. He failed to stay on the scene of the crash but was later aprehended nearby. He has since been charge with driving while intoxicated.

Of the four fatalities, three of the victims died on scene. The fourth was pronounced dead at the hospital. Two other passengers were sent to the hospital with serious injuries. Both drivers were also rushed to hospital.

Although the names of the victims have not been released, officials are reporting that they live in the New York City area.

Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley said, “this is one of the worst accidents I’ve ever seen”. He reports that the limo was attempting to make a U-turn when it was hit by the truck, likely at a high speed.

Desciptions of the aftermath are tragic, with reports that the limo driver was slumped in the seat with his mouth open. Bystanders came running to help after the collision, with some attempting to perform CPR on the side of the road.

This accident is being described by witnesses as a tragedy that “resonates with you forever”.


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