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Dragon’s Den UK, New Entrepreneurs

Many people start businesses in hopes to be rich like the companies that they look up to. However, sometimes they run into bumps in the road, and have nowhere to go. They may simply have run out of money to make their inventory, they may have lost a business partner for whatever reason, or they might have done something that severely screwed up their profit margins. There is a show for these kinds of people on television, which gives them a chance to redeem themselves, and further their business to new heights if deemed worthy. That is the Dragon’s Den.

For those who do not know, the Dragon’s Den is a show on television where famous entrepreneurs give other entrepreneurs a chance to explain themselves, what their product is, how they make money, how much money they have made, maybe the product’s upbringing, and much more. If any of the five entrepreneurs on the show like the ideas or feel that there is a potential to make the company extremely successful, then they make a deal with them and then they work from there. The only catch to this is here. The entrepreneur coming into the den must offer up a portion of their company to the dragons for a sum of cash that the dragons will promise them.

In the UK,  a few new famous entrepreneurs are taking over the show.

I like the idea of changing the entrepreneurs on shows like these every now and then. As demonstrated by the five different people on dragons den, not everyone thinks the same way, or else every entrepreneur on the show would make an offer on the same deal every time. My next point is that there have been ideas turned down by dragons from different countries all over the world due to their anticipations of being unsuccessful or plain stupid by the dragons. However, some of these companies are extremely successful and are shown during updates on the show, where those people had the pleasure of looking the dragons in the eye and say I told you so. With a new set of dragons in the seats, some of these ideas could have been recognized and then made even more successful with their help. Hopefully, some new and unexpected ideas are accepted with the appearance of these new dragons.

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