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‘Downton Abbey’ creator on to his next project: A digitally serialized novel

The creator of the wildly popular TV series Downton Abbey has announced that though the show is coming to an end, he’s not done. Julian Fellowes plans to release a novel called Belgravia via Grand Central Publishing.

But this isn’t your ordinary novel. The book will break some new ground in the world of digital publishing! Belgravia will debut in a serialized fashion of Victorian novels, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The ten installments will be coming out one-by-one on an app beginning in April (in the style of Charles Dickens’ first novel The Pickwick Papers). The app will launch on the project’s official websitewhich already has an email subscription and intro video for anxious fans.

Additionally, Belgravia will be available on July 5 after all of the installments have been released online. But at that time, it will include bonus features such as period fashions and character portraits, EW reports.

And, as if all of this isn’t enough, every installment will be available in the form of audiobooks.

“To marry the traditions of the Victorian novel to modern technology, allowing the reader (or listener) an involvement with the characters and the background of the story and the world in which it takes place that would not have been possible until now, and yet to preserve within that the strongest traditions of story-telling, seems to me a marvelous goal and a real adventure,” Fellowes explained in a statement. “I am thrilled that Grand Central will bring this to a U.S. audience.”

Just like Downton AbbeyBelgravia is a period piece. Most of the book takes place in London during the 1840s, but the prologue puts readers at a ball on the eve of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo. Other plot details have been scarce so far, but Grand Central says that the story will contain a large cast of characters, a ball thrown by the Duchess of Richmond and a night in which “one family’s life will change forever.”

“I can think of no author better suited to revitalize a grand old publishing tradition in such a fresh and exciting new way,” said Jamie Raab, president and publisher of Grand Central Publishing.

From the sound of it, I don’t think Downton Abbey fans will be disappointed! Watch the introductory video below:

Downton Abbey premiered the first episode of its sixth and final season Sunday. Did you miss the action? Check out a recap here.

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