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Donald Trump’s Response to Huffington Post No Longer Covering His Campaign as Politics

Huffington Post recently made an announcement that they will no longer be detailing Donald Trumps political campaign under their ‘politics’ category.  Instead, the liberal news blog will place their coverage of the developments under their entertainment section, essentially saying that he doesn’t deserve to be considered a real politician.  Trump issued a written statement online regarding their decision on Friday.

“Our reason is simple,” the news site stated.  “Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.”

Trump’s social media responded by saying “If you read previously written Tweets, Mr. Trump has never been a fan of Arianna Huffington or the money-losing Huffington Post.  The only clown show in this scenario is the Huffington Post pretending to be a legitimate news source. Mr. Trump is not focused on being covered by a glorified blog.”

The site’s decision has garnered mixed responses from both sides of the political spectrum.  Rich Noyes, research director at the conservative Media Research Center, said that the legitimacy of a candidate should not be up to a media outlet but instead the voters.

“It seems high and mighty of the Huffington Post to decide who is and who isn’t a real candidate when Donald Trump is leading in the Republican polls right now.  They wouldn’t have taken kindly if the rest of the media had treated Arianna Huffington’s run for governor of California as a sideshow. I would say it’s up to the voters to decide who is a real candidate and who is not.” said Noyes.

Michael Reagan, however, agrees with Huffington Post’s move, commenting that “You can’t really disagree with The Huffington Post — he is entertaining.  He has sucked all the air out of the room and if the other Republicans don’t want him to win, they ought to figure out how to put the air back into the room.”

And David Avella, chairman of the Republican recruiting arm known as GOPAC, noted that as a private company Huffington Post actually does have the right to decide how they cover Trump’s candidacy.

“If Donald Trump doesn’t like how he is being covered by the Huffington Post, then he could buy it,” said Avella. “There are plenty of media outlets that will cover him in their political sections. In fact, in the last two weeks media coverage has not been a problem for Donald Trump.”

Frankly their reasoning is kind of understandable, Trump is more of a reality TV show businessman than a politician.  That isn’t to say he doesn’t have the right to run of course – I mean just look at Schwarzenegger – but HP has just as much of a right to not follow him.  Journalist David Corn notes that Huffington Post’s decision isn’t right, however its for a slightly different reason than the others’.  He says that despite how the web site may view Trump, they should still follow him as a “political phenomenon”, as the businessman’s rise to the top of the Republican polls says a lot about modern Republican voters.

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