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Donald Trump, an unlikely recruit?

Donald Trump has struck again, although unwittingly this time, when he took a starring role in a video by none other than al-Shabab, a terrorist group operating in Somalia and around East Africa.

It was in the wake of the Paris attacks and after the San Bernardino attack in the United States that Donald Trump proposed the setting-up of a database of Muslims as well as “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representative can figure out what the f*** is going on,” he said at the time.

The video went on to helpfully elaborate on the words of the Republican presidential candidate.

“It’s saying to Muslims, ‘you either join Jihad or you leave the United States because of what Mr Trump is proposing,” the commentary said.

Donald Trump, whose presidential slogan is to “Make America Great Again,” appears unfazed at this new role which has been fostered on him.  According to Trump, he exercised courage in bringing the issue into the open and now that it is out there, people will want to “examine the issue.”

Asked by John Dickerson, the host of “Face The Nation,” whether it was a concern for him being used in a recruitment video for terrorism, Mr. Trump simply responded, “They use other people too.  What am I going to do?  I have to say what I have to say.  And you know what I have to say?  There’s a problem.  We have to find out what is the problem.  And we have to solve that problem.”

Political naiveté?  Lack of self-awareness?  Or simply a campaign policy?

Of course, Donald Trump has never been known for holding his tongue, but ever since the run to the White House began, Donald Trump has been marred in controversy.  The comment about Mexicans.  The comment about Muslims.  His chauvinism.  One would think that his supporters would want to detach themselves from what some might call a loose cannon.  But no, instead they grow in number because for them, he is the man who will really make America great again.

Some commentators have observed that for a group of the American population, Donald Trump is the embodiment of the white middle class rage.  This middle class is fed up with career politicians seemingly not doing the work for which they were elected.  So while every journalist or political pundit worth his salt is working out the consequence of being featured in such a video, Donald Trump is moving on.  In the same interview, he accused Hillary Clinton and President Obama of creating ISIS and rejected Barack Obama’s plans to address gun control via executive actions.

Donald Trump is almost behaving as if being featured in a terrorist video is simply just not a big deal.  And perhaps for him, it isn’t.

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