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Donald Trump Set to Release New Book

In addition to his hopes of becoming the next President of the United States, Donald Trump is also aiming to make his new soon-t0-be published book a bestseller. Trump has announced that admist all of his time devoted towards campaigning for the Presidential election, he has also had the time to script a new novel. Although the book has not yet been titled, the release date has been revealed: October 27, 2015. Mark your calendars.

Threshold Editions, owned by Simon & Schuster, announced on Monday that it has acquired the rights to the book. Trump may be getting a little bit ahead of himself however, as he has already expressed his intentions for the success of the book. The presidential hopeful released a statement saying, “Work on my new bestseller is almost done”, adding that he has not had “this much fun writing a book” since his work “The Art of the Deal”.

The release of the new ‘bestseller’ hands both Trump as an author, and Simon & Schuster the opportunity to cattail off the success of his time in the limelight as a presidential candidate. In this new release, Trump addresses the possibility and ways to rejuvinate America and restore the country to greatness. Written by Trump, the book will share his views on the economy, national security, and immigration.


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