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Doctors Hiding Surgical Death Rate From Parents About Children

The miracle of birth is absolutely amazing. The bond between two people results in a new being coming to life. However, things are not always as easy as that. Due to being hereditary, children are born with defects, they have the umbilical cord strangling them, some are born without limbs and worse, some have the risk of even dying before they are even given a chance at life through heart defects. Although doctors are able to save some of these babies, the amount that actually survive are lower than what some are lead to believe.

Many parents find themselves in the bind of having a young or newborn child and them needing surgery in order to live. My problem is not with these poor children needing surgery, but how many doctors feel that they need to hide from parents the survival rate of these children. That personally disgusts me. Parents should be one hundred percent informed about the decision they are making when it comes to their child. Sure, lying to parents about how many children survive these operations may help convince a parent to allow medical professionals to go ahead with surgery, but it may also put them into a false sense of security. At the end of the day, a baby’s heart is about the size of it’s fist, and it is incredibly difficult to operate on something so small. Contrary to what these parents may be lead to believe, during these risky surgeries, about twenty percent of the babies involved end up passing away.

Decisions to hide the success rate of doctors at institutions like these also not only affect the moral integrity of the hospital, but it also affects the professional quality of them as well. I do not care if the results of these surgeries may scare a parent into not wanting to do the operation, every parent should have the right to know exactly what they are getting into when it comes to their child. I can only imagine what some of these parents go through. Some struggle for months, years, and even have to go through surrogate mothers in order to have a child, and now doctors have the audacity to lie about the survival rate of these children to their parents? To me, it is simply unacceptable. I hope that these hospitals come to their senses and allow their patients to be fully aware about their operations. If parents are able to see that their local hospital does not have a very high success rate in the operation needed, then they will be able to look for other hospitals with more skilled workers with a better chance of saving their child.

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