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Do Not Exclude Fat From Your Diet

It seems like I always have something to say when it comes to these dietary articles, and I am glad I do because I know that many of the wordings on nutritional labels combined with the amount of nonsense that people spew due to ignorance makes for a difficult time to lose weight. For instance, if someone is overweight and they look at a nutritional label the main thing that the untrained eye will look for in a food is how much fat is in it, because they do not want to get fat right? Makes total sense! Well, that could not be further from the truth. I am more in agreement with what is said in this particular story compared to the other ones, and once I get into the depth of the story, you will understand why.

Like I said earlier, the misinformed individual will likely look at a food label and try to avoid fats like the plague, as many popular diets in the past have been praising the whole low fat approach to eating. Well, research and reality is about to flip what you thought was the truth upside down. It turns out, that eating those fats that you are so scared of are actually much more beneficial to your body than avoiding them and replacing them with massive amounts of carbohydrates or protein. The reasoning behind this is that you need fats in your diet to maintain a healthy body, especially the polyunsaturated , monounsaturated and omega three fatty acids. Some of you might be scratching your head, wondering what these fats actually do for your body. I will not explain all of them, but I will do a small explanation on omega three fatty acids, and why young adults may want to eat more fats. Think about those times when you wake up in the morning and your neck is hurting, when you feel sluggish, when no matter how many skin creams you apply, your skin still stays pale and chalky and when sometimes you are just off mentally. Would you call me crazy if I said that omega three fatty acids have a chance of correcting all this? You probably would. I have no reason to lie, so either up your salmon intake or pick up an omega three supplement with good amount of DHA/EPA per pill, give it some time, and watch magic happen. For the record, plenty of other fish, some brands of eggs, walnuts, and flax seeds are other foods with omega three fats in them, so you have quite a few choices to pick from if you are a picky eater. With all of those benefits coming from just the one type of fatty acid, think about how many others you may be missing by excluding the other two.

This next part will address teen aged to young adult males in particular. Hey guys, most of the females around you or maybe that one that you have got your eye on are likely the ones who like the males who are not afraid to assert themselves, and show that they actually have some sexual desire for them when the time is right. Well for some of you, in all of your efforts to avoid food with fats in them trying to get that body that you think will do all the talking for you, you are actually doing yourself quite the disservice. Despite what you may believe, fats are one of the nutrients responsible for regulating hormones, and a lack of them can actually decrease your libido. In simple terms, with the extra fats and hormone regulation, you may just have that extra bit of confidence needed to go and talk to that girl you want so badly.

For girls, fat is also very important for a healthy and functioning body. For guys, since more of their structure is made up of muscle, they need to consume more protein than females. For females however, your body fat is actually naturally higher than males, so not eating you fats could leave you without that body you want.

Granted, there are fats that are bad for you, like trans fats and saturated fats from certain foods, but to avoid them all together is absolutely ridiculous. Another thing you may be wondering about is the cholesterol number on your foods. Well contrary to popular belief, dietary cholesterol, unless you are a person in particular with a higher cholesterol level from birth, does not have significant effect on your blood cholesterol. In other words, the cholesterol that you eat is not that well correlated with the kind that is responsible for giving people heart attacks. What a lot of people are unaware of is that there are two types of cholesterol, HDL (the good kind) and LDL (the bad kind). In food like eggs, which do contain a lot of cholesterol when someone looks at the label, there is a little secret that may change your tune about them. It turns out that eggs contain more HDL cholesterol than they do LDL. In case that still does not convince you that they are safe, put it this way. I eat anywhere between six to twelve eggs every two days, and I have been doing so for a number of months. If eggs were really bad that bad for you, I would probably be dead by now.

So there you have it. Eat your fats people, they are good for you, no matter what people say. Now, am I saying eat a pack of bacon a day with milk and eggs to make sure your fats are really dialed in? No, but what I am saying is, do not be afraid of the fats on the nutritional labels when it comes to food. So I have made all this fuss about eating fats, now you are probably wondering, how much fat should my diet consist of? The answer to that ultimately depends on you, because some people cannot handle a certain amount of fat because of their stomachs or whatever the case may be, but I can tell you this much. There is no reason to purposefully have your fats at less than thirty five percent of your overall food intake, unless of course, recommended by your physician or other knowledgeable source.

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