Monday , February 24 2020
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Do Not Do Sunburn Art!

falseAmongst many other ridiculous trends spread through social media to the younger population, ‘Sunburn Art’ has risen to the forefront. Exposing only certain parts of the skin without protection to the sun in attempts to create an artistic design is no less dangerous than any other sunburn. Health officials have been warning the masses for a long time about the necessary preventative measure we must take to protect ourselves from UV rays. To not only neglect to protect yourself, but intentionally put yourself at serious risk is preposterous.

The Skin Cancer Foundation(SCF) has been trying to spread a message of warning to those Sunburn art participants. Increased speed of skin aging, in addition to DNA damage occurs with sunburn, increasing your lifetime risk for skin cancer. Melanoma, the most deathly of skin cancers, has an increased risk of 80% with only 5 sustained sunburns in youth.

The message is clear, protect your future selves by taking care now!

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