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Disney’s Aladdin Re-release will have more Robin Williams

If you are an Aladdin fan, Robin Williams fan, or both,  you should know that Disney is releasing a new version of the movie with more Genie scenes voice acted by Robin Williams.

Released 23 years ago in 1992, The Diamond Edition of Aladdin will arrive in a few days on October 13.  It will be available on Blu-ray.

Here is the Youtube video from ABC NEWS of some Robin Williams bonus material that will be included in the Blu-ray of Aladdin.

Also during the October 9 episode of ABC’s Good Morning America,  The voice cast and creators of Aladdin were interviewed. The voice actors of Aladdin and Jasmine also sung a song from the movie.  Follow the link to see the performance:

Grace Gavilanes from People reported the following quote from one of the Aladdin writers:

“We wrote the part with Robin in mind, but we didn’t know if he would do it,” explained Aladdin co-writer John Musker. “Fortunately for us, he did, [but]we were totally walking down the plank. If he said no, we were in big trouble because the whole concept was built around Robin.’

And the rest is history. Williams agreed to work on the Oscar-winning film, admirably putting in four hours in at a time in the recording studio

‘Aside from being funny as anything, he was such a warm person,” says animator Eric Goldberg. “He was the Genie – it was bigger than life.’ “

Even though Williams sung in the film, apparently he was not as talented at singing compared to the other voice actors of Aladdin.  Olivia B. Waxman of Time reports the following quote from one of the Aladdin creators:

“…When George Stephanopoulos asked if Williams could really sing, composer Alan Menken said that while ‘most of it ended up on the cutting room floor,’ he ‘learned to.’ “

Disney has the habit of locking their movies in the vault.  This means they stop producing new retail copies of their films only to release an updated version years or decades later.  Around 2004 the DVD version came out and Disney put a moratorium on it in 2008.  Finally fans will be able to see it in HD, so at least it is better late than never. But at this point they should release it in 4K high definition as well even though they probably won’t for another 10 years.

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