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“Did You Hear About The 1975?”

This is just one of many questions fans of the popular British band are asking after The 1975 has deleted all social media accounts after posting a cryptic comic strip last night.

The band, which consists of members George Daniel, Adam Hann, Matthew (Matty) Healy, and Ross MacDonald, has left fans questioning whether they are splitting up or creating a publicity stunt to announce a new album.

The 1975 front man Matty Healy repeatedly tweeted “1st June- The 1975” on January 19th, February 22nd and 27th, and March 15th and 26th, causing fans to believe that big news was going to be dropped this morning. But instead they were greeted with more confusion, as the band members deleted both their twitter and instagram accounts, and their website is now nothing but blackness.

What added further confusion was the fact that last night Healy posted a cryptic comic strip on his twitter and instagram, before deleting both accounts today.

The comic strip, which is still available on band manger Jaime Oborne’s twitter, features the band’s name repeatedly down the left margin, with the actual comic running beside it. The comic features two women talking, saying “Did you hear about The 1975?” and “Yeah, I’m shook up Man!! I wanted that to last FOREVER!!” Below a man and a woman go on about how “it’s all part of an act” and “the kids’ gone MAD”.

Beside the strip is a type written paragraph from the band that states the following:

“Hey! This is the era of reflection right? We’ve killed the rockstars just another casualty in the war against popular art- butchered by our postmodern reflective propensities and selfie awareness. Our projected identity needs to change not onlyvisually but philosophically- how do you do that? Firstly we must reclaim our identity & repossess our control of it. It’s simple. You could say it’s blackandwhite until then there won’t be any pop music or dancing with long hair. “You can’t do that” I hear you say, “that’s ours!” Correct!! The hardest part of any relationship is to say ‘goodbye’.
As much as we might like things to stay the same, change is an inevitable part of life. We can’t simply go on forever- always staying the same, never evolving. So we must leave. With parting “we love you” –we are already gone. Thank you. The 1975”

Below the comic and paragraph is a scribbled “Be young and shut up” with a dark man labelled as old Matty holding a coloured pink New Matty. With a drawn couple reading a newspaper with headlines “Is this the end of The 1975” and “Kurt Cobain ‘I’m Not Dead!’”.

Fans have taken to both Twitter and Tumblr with their theories on what it all means and whether or not the band is indeed breaking up and saying goodbye, or in fact building anticipation for a new album.

One fan on Tumblr argues that the band is commenting on the fact that their fans are too obsessed with taking selfies than listening to their music. Another follows the same idea by commenting on how fans are going crazy over the loss of social media to inform them on what is happening with The 1975, and that by deleting all social media, the band is making it about the music.

A couple of fans on Tumblr have gone on to compare the drawing of Old and New Matty to a poster used in the 1968 riots in France which uses a very similar picture. The poster also similarly states: “Sois jeune et tais toi”, which translates to “Be young and shut up”.

Whether the band is in fact breaking up or creating a publicity stunt for a new album is too soon to tell. I for one am in agreement with the belief that the band is taking a break from social media to change and reclaim their identity visually and philosophically, as they say, before releasing a new album and a new aesthetic.

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