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DiCaprio, De Niro and Scorcese come together for short film ‘The Audition’

Some of Hollywood’s greats came together to create a 15-minute film promoting the opening of Melco Crown Entertainment’s new casino in Macau. Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are seen vying for the same role in The Audition, directed by Martin Scorcese.

“The premise of this competition was very humorous for both of us because we’ve both done a lot of films with Mr. Scorsese,” DiCaprio said in a news conference. “So what would it be like if we both showed up at this casino; we’re competing for the same role but we didn’t know it yet,” he added.

Everyone plays himself (including Scorcese), and there is even a guest appearance by Brad Pitt! Leonardo DiCaprio claimed that Scorcese “kind of stole the show” and that he was the best out of everyone in the short.


Scorsese said that he wrote the short film with his Wolf of Wall Street collaborator Terence Winter. He added that a short film is “even tougher” than a normal film because it can’t be “a prologue to a bigger work, it has to be contained in of itself.” “We all pulled together and we came up with these ideas…and we shot five days straight. We also tried to make it a heightened…not biographical but reality-based with humor about ourselves,” he added.

Although the talented filmmaker did not agree, he said the film’s success was due to their bond. “I think a lot of it had to do with the closeness of the three of us,” he said. “In terms of meeting Leo, it was Bob [De Niro] who told me about him.”

Reuters reports that the film was originally set to screen at the Venice Film Festival in September, but it premiered Tuesday instead as the Hollywood-themed Studio City resort opened, the third in the southern Chinese territory.


The film reportedly cost $70 million to make. True or not, this number has sparked some serious interest in the film. But who needs a number to do that? These are some of Hollywood’s finest!

Producer Brett Ratner, who was also involved, teasingly said that he would love to see the film turned into a full-length movie, according to Vanity Fair.  “It’s just a teaser,” Ratner said. “We come to Macau, Marty comes here, lives at the hotel for three months, six months and we make a big event movie.”

Though a movie with all of those lovely actors seems great, it’s probably not an option. If the 15-minute film cost $70 million, making a feature film would cost an outrageous amount.

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