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Destiny Launches House of Wolves expansion

If you’re still able to function after the finale of Mad Men, then boy oh boy are you in for a treat, courtesy of Bungie and Activision studios.

The newest expansion to Bungie and Activision’s shared shooter “Destiny” is finally here, and like many other players or Guardians across the solar system, I’ve got a stash full of engrams itching to be spent in the Cryptarch for some quick upgrades and new endgame gear. The expansion is now available and I’m sure that most of your friends have gone off the radar, surrounded by a cache of snacks, energy drinks and an emergency only phone (or is it just me?)

Because the House of Wolves expansion shares a time slot with the weekly reset, some weekly and daily challenges aren’t available right now: Bungie is calling it “the calm before the storm.” The new expansion hits hard with new weapons and armour, as well as new story missions and new PvP and PvE activities. Just like in it’s predecessor, there’s no raid but the 3 player Prison of the Elders makes up for it, giving higher level players a challenge in itself. There’s a new social ground, allowing players to well.. socialize! as well as gameplay and balance tweaks (I bet they nerphed hunters)

If you’re like me, you we’re a tad bit disappointed by the first expansion, “Dark Below” because of the slim pickings, and an overall disappointing content dump. That being said, I still love destiny and I’m sure many others do be it their loyalty to Bungie, or the drive to find the fun in everything in the game, regardless of content (or lack thereof).

If you’re finding yourself left out because a lack of gaming system or time, be sure to check out some live streams taking place.

You and your team have any plans for the new expansion? Leave me a comment! I’d love to hear about it!

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