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Police on campus at Delta State University (Photo: AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Delta State University Shooter Found With Automatic License Plate Scanner

The story unfolded this week as authorities in Mississippi found Shannon Lamb (45).

Lamb was the suspected gunman responsible for killing a woman he lived with, Amy Prentiss (41) and his co-worker, Ethan Schmidt (39).

It was reported that Lamb shot himself as officials surrounded him and he ended up dying from his wounds.

The two victims were both linked closely to Lamb. Prentiss was found dead in the Gautier home they shared. Schmidt was killed on the Delta State University campus where they both worked in Cleveland.

After Schmidt’s killing, the school was placed on lockdown and officers began searching all the classrooms and all buildings on campus.

William LaForge, University President, reported that as of late Monday the lockdown was lifted. Students didn’t need to attend classes on Tuesday but they did have an optional vigil in the evening for the tragedy that took hold of their school.

In the Spring of 2015, Lamb earned a doctorate in education from Delta State University. According to the school’s website, he began teaching in 2009. He taught both geography and education and this semester was responsible for two online courses. LaForge disclosed that earlier in the year Lamb had requested a medical leave of absence; however he wouldn’t reveal what the medical issue was.

Police located Lamb using an automatic license plate reader. The controversial technology allowed authorities to trace his movement as he moved across state lines. It’s reported that he was attempting to return to Mississippi from Arkansas on Monday when his plate was recognized by the system.

The tool allows officers to scan the license plates of vehicles and find out if the owners of those cars have any unpaid fines or if they are linked to other criminal activity.

The same technology helped officers a few weeks ago in Virginia to find the television reporter who shot his colleagues on live television during an interview.

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