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Dehydration and Children in the U.S.

Think about your or your child’s daily routine. For most people reading this, they are probably thinking of what time they wake, how long it takes them to drive to work, what they do during work, what they do when they get home and many other things. Now imagine your diet, or when you go to restaurants. Over all of these concepts and events, how much water do you drink? How much water do you think your child drinks throughout the day? If you cannot answer me within about three seconds, then you and your children, but more likely your children, are dehydrated.

Studies show that children and teenagers more so than adults in the U.S. are dehydrated daily. While no one really dies from dehydration until it gets to an extreme state, the amount of dehydration that people go through daily is enough to impede their quality of life. Don’t believe me? Well consider the following. What happens when you come home from work, or your children come home from school, and either of you are complaining of a headache? I will tell you what happens more than likely. You end up taking some kind of headache medication or pill in hopes that it goes away. What happens when that does not work? You end up going to a higher level doctor, telling them your symptoms and demand some stronger medication. However, the doctor denies you and then asks you when the last time you drank water was. This is when you get upset with the doctor and go home to try his advice, with apprehensive or pessimistic thoughts going through your mind as you drink the water. Then you drink the water and you end up feeling better. That’s usually an adult’s situation. Now think of a young child or teenager. All they can think about is running around outside in the hot sun, and plain water can be hard for a child to stomach, since their used to all the sugary drinks that they consume.

Being hydrated is extremely important for many reasons that you can Google, or even if you experiment practically. I guarantee you will notice a difference in how you look at your days if you drink one water bottle worth of water every day for a week, versus the next week if you make a conscious effort to drink three liters of water a day. I admit, drinking so much plain water can be a real pain. It makes you urinate frequently, and the taste is not ideal when you’re used to drinking drinks full of sugar. However, there are ways around this. You can implement more soups into your diet, you can eat more juicy fruit, you can buy powdered solutions to mix into your water to make it more enjoyable, although there are controversial views on how healthy these products are, you can put ice in your drinks and many other ways. When all of these methods are added up at the end of the day, you have consumed quite an extra amount of water. Try out these methods and let me know how it goes for you!


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