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Death (Again) At The Electric Daisy Carnival

Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosted this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival. The lights were spectacular, the music was pumping – but behind all the sparkle and guffaw…there was tragedy.

The Electric Daisy Carnival is a three day event which features DJs performing in front of huge, elaborate sets. There are tons of fair rides, pyrotechnics and art displays. Amidst the crowd of nearly 135,000 people, in 113 degree heat a 24 year old man lost his life.

At this time it’s not clear as to the cause of death. Derek Dubasik is the Clark County coroner investigator and he states that “based on the location and circumstances involved (in the death), it’ll take four to eight weeks before we’ll have toxicology results back and can determine the cause of death”.

Insomniac Inc. Are the festivals organizers and have released a statement in regards to the 24 year olds’ passing.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the man who passed away. The health and safety of our fans is Insomniac’s first priority and we take every measure to create a safe environment. While the cause of this tragedy will take some time to determine, we ask that you keep his loves ones in your thoughts and prayers. Tonight and every night, we ask all of our fans to take care of themselves and one another.”

In case of emergencies there are roaming medical teams and first aid tents all throughout the festival grounds. Due to the high heat, Insomniac Inc. encouraged people to frequent the cooling stations to drink lots and cool off. However despite these measures, the festival has had many crisis situations this year and last; from medical calls to arrests and even deaths. Here are the stats comparing last year to this year.


  • 2015: 24 year old man (awaiting to find out cause of death)
  • 2014
    • Anthony Anaya, 25 (alcohol, ecstasy and cocaine intoxication)
    • Montgomery Tsang, 24 (ecstasy overdose)
    • Joey Saychack, 21 (cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol intoxication)


  • 2015: 35 arrests (narcotics, misdemeanors and DUI)
  • 2014: 121 arrests (narcotics, misdemeanors)

Medical Calls

  • 2015: 408 (7 people taken to the hospital)
  • 2014: 794 (25 people taken to the hospital)

While the glitz, glam and great music might be a draw to the festival, it seems as though organizers need to take more severe precautionary steps with regards to security and drug control.

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