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Dead or Undead? That is the Question.

I had a feeeeeling that wouldn’t be the last of the Wildling’s chief Mama. Introducing a character only to kill them off in the same episode? Why? Her story feels unfinished, nonetheless.

In an interview with VF Hollywood, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen the Danish bombshell that played the very short-lived Karsi was pretty tight lipped about the possibility of a comeback. Evidentially, at one point the Game of Thrones IMDB page listed Sørensen as a member of the cast for the final episode of this season. (possible typo or muck up?)

You may recognize Sørensen (I did not) from Pitch Perfect 2 as one of the members of the German a cappella powerhouse, The Kommissar. For her premiere in Game of Thrones episode “Hardhome” Sørensen traded in her perfectly placed blonde for a long brown and tangled mane, and outfits that were almost entirely mesh for a fur of … whatever that animal was.

In the interview Sørensen confessed that she does not know what the future holds for Game of Thrones, none of us do. Now for the kicker, she included this ominous and head-scratching comment:  “But, you know, being dead and being undead are two different things.”

Could this mean what I think it means..?

This super-refreshing actress can clearly pull of any movie genre, and does it well. I truly do hope that we have not seen the last of her in the Seven Kingdoms.

Now… all we have to do is wait.

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