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Dave Grohl Makes Early Return from Broken Ankle

Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl made a surprisingly early return to the stage yesterday at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington DC, after breaking his leg last month from falling off stage during a show in Gothenburg, Sweden.

(Source: Foo Fighters Instagram)
(Source: Foo Fighters Instagram)

In true rock ‘n’ roll fashion, the 46 year old singer simply got had his ankle popped back in place and finished the show before reluctantly cancelling the band’s European tour, which included headlining at the Glastonbury Festival.

After going to the hospital and receiving a gnarly x-ray, Grohl decided that he didn’t want to simply sit and rest.  Determined  to play the Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary show and presumably high as a kite on morphine, Grohl drew  up a blueprint for a  throne he could sit on that would hold his injured leg in place while he played and sang.  The  throne bares a striking  resemblance to the famous Game of Thrones ‘Iron Throne’, only with guitar necks, a base  made out of speakers, and “lasers  and sh*t”                                                             surrounding the Foo Fighters logo.

Grohl's first mock-up of his rock 'n' roll throne.
Grohl’s first mock-up of his rock ‘n’ roll throne.

Idly strumming the opening chords to “Big Me”, Grohl told the crowd: “I said, I’m not missing this show for the world.  Build me that throne and we’ll play a Washington DC rock concert …. because nothing is impossible, nothing’s impossible in a Foo Fighter’s world.”

The gig was a celebration, not only of America’s Independence, but of the 20th anniversary of the day the Foo Fighters’ first album hit stores.  Thus the band played tons of songs from the self-titled debut album, which are usually shelved at their other shows.

He also dedicated the first song of the show to the Foo Fighters road crew, saying “They’re the best f*ckin’ road crew in the whole god damn universe.”

Watch Dave recount the story of his broken leg as well as the opening song of the show here:



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