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Daniel Craig Burnt Out From Playing Bond

After a gruelling 8 months of filming, Daniel Craig seems fed up with playing the role of James Bond.

Daniel Calhoun from Time Out London interviewed Craig.  The following quotes come from this interview:

“Can you imagine doing another Bond movie?
‘Now? I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists. No, not at the moment. Not at all. That’s fine. I’m over it at the moment. We’re done. All I want to do is move on.’

You want to move on from Bond for good?
‘I haven’t given it any thought. For at least a year or two, I just don’t want to think about it. I don’t know what the next step is. I’ve no idea. Not because I’m trying to be cagey. Who the fuck knows? At the moment, we’ve done it. I’m not in discussion with anybody about anything. If I did another Bond movie, it would only be for the money.’ “

Even if Craig came back for another movie,  all character development and surprise would be gone; it seems he is out of creative ways to play the role.  Daniel Craig had this to say,

“Every idea I’ve had for a Bond movie, I’ve stuck into this one. It’s gone in. The Bond bank is dry. If you’re asking me what would I do with another Bond movie? I haven’t a clue. Go into space? Let’s do it! They already did it. Let’s do it again.”

Being Bond and being famous can create a lot of pressure for the actor; perhaps this is another reason why he doesn’t want to continue. Craig gave the following answer:

“There’s always so much expectation and talk around a new Bond film. Have you got used to the passionate fans and how much they care?
‘You can’t think about it. I don’t go on the Internet any more. I think if you’re famous, the Internet is evil. I really think that. If you’re famous, it makes you paranoid. Or it makes you more paranoid than you already are. Because if you’re famous and you go on the Internet for half an hour, you realise people are talking about you. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, some of that will make you paranoid. I just don’t do it anymore. It’s the enemy of creativity.’”

Even though Daniel Craig is a great actor for the role of Jame Bond, I think it’s time for the role James Bond to move on to someone else.

According to a quote from IMDB Sean Connery once said,

“[On A View to a Kill”] Bond should be played by an actor 35, 33 years old. I’m too old. Roger’s too old, too!”

I agree with Sean Connery. Roger Moore and Sean Connery were both over 50 years old when they stopped playing Bond and their age showed on film. The recent James Bond movies strive for realism, but in real life it’s unbelievable that the British Government would allow for an agent that old to be sent on physically demanding dangerous missions.

James Bond should be played be someone who looks young enough and capable enough to be an elite athlete or elite Military Special Forces member;  because a high stress spy mission would require that kind of person.  For the past few decades, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan started playing the role of Bond in their 40’s; For realism sake. I think the next bond should be played by a much younger actor. Even though Daniel Craig is pushing 50 but still looks fit for the role, I think it’s time for a new actor.

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