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Cubs will leave Kyle Schwarber’s ball on top of video board during postseason run

A Cubs source confirmed that the Kyle Schwarber home run ball from Tuesday night’s series-clenching win over the St. Louis Cardinals landed on top of the right field video board in Wrigley Field and it is there to stay, according to Chicago Tribune. 

Tom Comings, an enterprise architect for Tribune Publishing, was taking pictures of the board in the right field upper deck corner when he spotted the ball and nabbed a photo. After the game, Comings and a friend went to ask the TBS cameraman if TBS had captured the ball’s placement.

He said that he didn’t have a good angle, so it wasn’t captured on TV. Comings proceeded to go behind the Cubs’ dugout to help celebrate their win and told an usher about Schwarber’s ball.

He was referred to the guest relations department where he revealed the picture of the ball. “They told me they’d send someone to retrieve it, and then they called us back and gave us some stuff as a thanks, a (Jon) Lester bobblehead, a thermos lunch bag and an Ernie Banks pin,” Comings said.

Many thought the ball had left the park. But the Cubs sent an employee to retrieve the ball Wednesday morning. A source said the team verified it was indeed the MLB postseason watermarked ball Schwarber smashed Tuesday.

Once it was verified by the team, the ball was returned to the top of the video board where it will stay until their postseason run comes to an end. The source did not say what the Cubs will do with the ball once the postseason is over, but for now, it will serve as a memento of the Game 4 NL Division Series win.

To be sure it remains there and is safe from the elements, the Cubs will put a Plexiglas case around it. And because they’re afraid someone might steal it, a security guard will escort anyone who needs to go up to the top of the video board.

Thankfully, they haven’t gone completely nuts. There will not be 24-hour security on the ball, according to the Tribune. 

However, I can understand their enthusiasm in preserving it. It’s a piece of history! The Cubs won a playoff series at Wrigley Field to knock the Cardinals out of the race for the first time in 101 years!

Cubs’ President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein said that to play the Cardinals for the first time in the playoffs and win three games in a row is “incredible,” USA Today reports. “We beat the Cardinals. They’re our big brother who’s been kicking sand in our face for 100 years,” Epstein added.

The Cubbies are just four wins away from scoring the NL pennant for the first time in 70 years and eight wins away from winning the World Series in 107 years.

The Cubs will face the winner of the NLDS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets on Saturday. The Dodgers and Mets play game 5 of their series Thursday in L.A.

Will this be the year the Cubs break their curse? They’ve already broken the MLB record for most home runs in a postseason game with 6 in game 3 against the Cards. They’re on fire!

Not convinced? Get this: the last three teams to knock the Cardinals out of the playoffs either won the World Series or played in the Series since 2005. Maybe they’ll be the next!

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