Tuesday , March 31 2020
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Cooling System For Smartphones

It happens to some people, but it is extremely rare. SmartPhones may be powerful, but this new power comes with a price. A major side effect of using these devices for so many features different tasks is the amount of heat that they produce by doing so. This overheating process in rare instances ends up with the battery exploding and sending very hot internal pieces of the phone in various directions and if someone happens to be on the phone, this can cause something as major as third degree burns.

This is why a cooling system for smartphones has been introduced. It does exactly what you think it does, however it is only for cars at the moment. The plan by General Motors is to have it built in to the dashboard, where smartphones will have cool air blown onto them in order to keep their temperature under control.

i like the idea here, but I find it’s impact rather insignificant. I say that because while a lot of people with cars do have smartphones, there is a large population that use smartphones frequently who do not have cars. When a cooling system comes out for both automobile and non automobile users, I think it will be a lot more safe to use a smartphone in excess.

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