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Donald Trump backstage, posted on Saturday Night Live's twitter yesterday.

Controversy Arises as Donald Trump Prepares to Host SNL

This Saturday night will see the controversial Donald Trump hosting NBC’s sketch comedy show, and not everyone is excited about it.  Trump certainly seems to be enjoying himself, posting several photos on his twitter promoting his appearance, but many in the Latino community have been trying to make it clear that they don’t support such a bigoted figure hosting such a widely televised comedy show.

Not much is known about what the show will highlight about Trump’s political run, but the politician has been hinting at some skits, including a picture via twitter of him wearing a giant wig next to the night’s musical guest, Sia.

“Saturday Night Live has some incredible things in store tonight,” Trump tweeted this morning. “The great thing about playing myself is that it will be authentic! Enjoy.”

Viewers like CNN contributor Bill Carter (who has written two books about late-night TV) are anticipating some examination of the issues surrounding Trump’s appearance, saying “‘SNL’ is all about commenting on and satirizing contemporary culture. They won’t shrink that in this case with all the scrutiny on the show.  I expect a mix of sketches that play off his image and controversial stands along with the broader comedy the show usually does.”

However it’s not looking like many of the skits are going to be particularly challenging. Trump said during his interview with Bill O’ Reilly on Friday night that they had to cut a few sketches from the show.

“There were a couple that were too risqué,” said Trump to O’Reilly. “Because you know, the poll just came down, I’m leading in Iowa, I want to stay leading in Iowa.”

“I think some of it is going to be really great,” added Trump for the sketches that made the final cut.

Latino groups have criticized Trump’s upcoming appearance due to the various comments he has made about Mexican immigrants during his run, leading to protests at the NBC headquarters earlier this week and even an offer of $5,000 for anyone in the audience who can disrupt the show while he’s on.  The upcoming show has also brought attention to viewers who are simply curious as to how SNL and Trump will interact.

Will it be a show full of light-hearted and silly jabs or will it contain actual poignant satire that shows Trump is not only self-aware, but willing to admit he’s flawed?  I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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