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Conjoined Twins Separated

Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons and everyone else in the medical field is truly amazing, and only become more incredible as time passes. Why do I say this? because it is true, and a particular story made me wake up and realize it today.

In Florida, there was a mother who arrived in the emergency room, like many other mothers, with a baby ready to be delivered. This mother was aware she was having twins, but what happened once they had come out astonished everyone. Keep in mind there are babies born prematurely, with missing limbs, mental disorders and much more, but what these twins had to go through tops all of that in my opinion.

These twins were conjoined! Now, the chance of twins being born conjoined is already low enough, but to put the icing on the cake, these poor kids were attached from the sternum to the lower abdomen (basically at the stomach) and were sharing a small intestine and and liver. The chances of these twins surviving is even lower now that they are sharing vital organs. However, the doctors managed to pull it off, 12 hours and more than 12 nurses later.

Both children were taken into critical care for 5 months once they were born, but thankfully, the doctors say that they are going to be fine in terms of how they live their lives.

I hope that technology in the medical field continues to advance and doctors have the opportunity to save more children, giving more people the opportunity to live the lives they deserve.

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