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Compulsive Weigh-ins Bad For Health

You may be thinking, “what? Weighing yourself is bad for your health? How does that make sense?” This may seem a bit backwards, but there is a new study being revealed that compulsively weighing one’s self is bad for one’s health — specifically mental health.

Weighing yourself daily can lead to obsessive thoughts about weight gain and a desire to be skinny regardless of what it takes. It is completely normal for the numbers on a scale to fluctuate daily and even within hours on a day. If you weigh yourself twice a day, you will likely be lighter in the morning and heavier in the evening. These numbers should not be considered heavily significant, and instead be regarded as a general marker.

These types of weigh-ins can lead to some unhealthy side effects though, which is what researchers are seeing after a study was done on 2,000 young boys and girls over the course of 10 years.

Pacanowski, who conducted the study, states “what we found was that females who weighed themselves more frequently had greater weight concerns.”

These findings bring forth an important point — although unhealthy dietary habits should be discouraged, there is a fine line between limiting unhealthy foods, and morphing a child into someone who is terrified to gain weight. Although it’s a good idea to weigh yourself occasionally to check that you’re in a healthy weight range, it is something that should maybe be limited to a weekly weigh-in, or even more spread out. The numbers recorded on a week-to-week basis will be more informative and better at gauging overall health anyway, as opposed to a daily weigh-in, which again, can fluctuate quite a lot.

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