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Commuter Train Crash Leaves 300 Injured in South Africa

Two trains collided during rush hour on Friday in Johannesburg, South Africa, creating a devastating scene. The crash between the two commuter trains left over 300 people injured.

A spokesperson for Johannesburg Emergency Services said that 326 people were rushed to local hospitals. Their injuries range from minor to serious, with none critical. Others were being treated “absolutely everywhere” by paramedics surrounding the scene before being taken to the hopsital. There have been no fatalities reported in this horrific crash.

Approximately 100 travellers were uninjured in the crash. Transportation was arranged for them to be bussed home.

The spokesperson said that they have “removed people with minor to serious injuries”, adding that the search continues for stranded and trapped commuters who may still be inside the train cars.

When the collision happened, both trains were on the same track. So far, the investigation appears to reveal that the travelling train collided into the rear of a stationary train.

A spokesperson for ER24, a private emergency service in South Africa, said “what we do know is that one vehical rear ended the other”.

A commuter told the African News Agency that “one train had stopped because of a signal when another came from behind us hooting and smashed into its back”.

The incident occured during rush hour between stations. The trains were travelling from Johannesburg city center to Soweto.

At this stage in the investigation, the cause of the crash is unknown. Information is still being gathered.

This is the second train accident to rock Johannesburg. In April, two commuter trains collided south of the city, leaving 241 people injured. The accident caused a fatality among a conductor on one of the trains.

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