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Commercial for Persona Synthetics spook a lot of Channel 4 viewers

Channel 4 decided to have some fun with the world over the weekend with a creepy commercial that hit the internet by storm.

The advertorial basically showed a housekeeper named Sally serving a family. She’ll flash a smile when a family member is around, but then return to a rather unsettling stare. It seems like a set-up for a horror flick.

It was for a fictional company called Persona Synthetics, equipped with a website and the “company” even had billboards advertising its first store in West London. 

It was all an elaborate, but rather smart campaign for Channel 4’s new television series called “Humans,” which airs in June 2015. The IMDb synopsis suggests it’s a parallel present where the best new thing is a ‘Synth’, which will help busy families with housekeeping. The catch is that the Synth is an intelligent, life-like robotic servant. 

Luckily, or unluckily for the rich who could afford a gadget like Sally, technology in this present isn’t quite at the stage for robotic servants. Click here for the commercial.

Channel 4’s news anchors especially have been in the spotlight as of late. Jon Snow, was honoured at last night’s BAFTA TV awards with the BAFTA Fellowship award. On the more controversial side of things, interviewer Krishnan Guru-Murthy famously had a promotional interview on April 23 for Robert Downey Jr.’s new film, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” where he wanted to ask about Downey’s past drug abuse and childhood. Downey Jr. responded by walking out of the interview. 

The commercial for “Humans” first aired over the weekend during Channel 4’s showing of the 2012 film “Prometheus” over the weekend. That film includes a very life-like cyborg portrayed by Michael Fassbender.

Perhaps a  more interesting platform to advertise their show might have been at the cinemas with the film “Ex Machina” about artificial intelligence. I know I would have been spooked. I still would have been spooked seeing the commercial with “Prometheus,” as I just would have been getting home from a screening of “Ex Machina.”

Due to the advancement of technology these days, the commercial was believable enough and a successful way to get people talking about their new show.

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