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Click frenzy Mayhem takes Australia by storm

It’s that time of year again, when our friends from down under break out their credit cards, and contribute to generating an estimated $10 Million in sales.

the 24 hour sale is a promotion offered by 210 retailers who buy into the exclusively online event with some offering savings of up to 90% on certain items, with 1500 deals available. “It’s become bigger than we ever though possible, and we’re absolutely delighted by the number of retailers who are now supporting a second event like Click Frenzy (which is in November).” Grant Arnott, the co-founder said.

“We started with one event and now Mayhem makes sense to us so we’ve launched the new initiative for this time of year to try and stimulate shopping when there’s not a lot happening.”

It’s exciting to see so many shoppers our there saying they’re looking forward to it”

Retail giants like Harvey Norman, Rebel Sport, Coles, Optus and Peter Alexander are among the retailers taking part.

Mr Arnott said he expected many shoppers to be using their smartphones and tablets to access the Click Frenzy Mayhem deals.

“So many sites are optimised for mobile and research recently showed the peak shopping time for online is between 6-9pm on tuesday night, so we’re absolutely in the sweet spot.” he said.

“People will be sitting at home on the couch watching television and multi-screening with smart phone in one hand, tablet in the other and their laptop nearby.”

“That’s the world we live in and it’s a shopping paradise.”

I don’t know about any of my fellow writers here at Youth Independent, or even readers, but my definition of a shopping paradise (or any paradise for that matter) doesn’t include a generational overlap of people who are obsessed with technology, over consumerism, and debt.

That being said, I`m afraid I may be looking at some of the deals that retailers have going right now, just for the sake of having an impulse buy.


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