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Chronic Depression and Strokes Linked

Chronic depression is a serious condition which a lot of people suffer from, and it is hard enough for doctors to find medication or certain types of practices that people can do to lessen the symptoms. Having no personal experience with depression, I will be careful where I step in terms of what I say in this particular article, as I know it is a sensitive subject that most depressed people feel no one but a person who goes through it themselves has any idea about. With that said, let’s continue.

Researchers have been working with doctors recently and have found a link to chronic depression leading to an increase in the chance of having a stroke. The more interesting part about this study is that it also found that the percentage based risk of stroke also did not seem to diminish, even if the depression patients’ symptoms were resolved or their symptoms seemed to subside for an extended period of time. Doctors claim that the risk of stroke was maintained at a shocking 66% higher than those who didn’t suffer from depression at all.

Like I said earlier, I have no personal experience with depression, but I think that the reason why the risk of stroke still remains in those who had chronic depression lies in the amount of underlying amount of damage to the immune system. When a person is truly happy, they tend to be less vulnerable to stress, whereas those with depression are not. To expand on that, as everyone knows, stress is a large factor which plays a role in many side effects. Hair loss, cancer, and sore throat just to name a few that come to mind.

Overall, I think doctors and researchers who do these studies and draw these conclusions need to take into account that chronic depression can start from a very early age where it is simply dismissed as childish behaviour, and the damage begins there and only continues to build as life gets more difficult. For those finding this rather difficult to understand, it is almost similar to smoking cigarettes starting from a young age. Just because someone stops smoking at 40, does that mean that their risk of all the terrible side effects decreases right away? I did not think so. The damage done from before hand still remains, and that might be what they are missing.

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