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Photo: Instagram @LiamHemsworth

Chris And Liam Hemsworth Snap A Selfie During A Boys Day Out

Chris and Liam Hemsworth were looking mighty sharp on their boys day out.

On Saturday the brothers went to the Melbourne Cricket Club to cheer on the Hawthron Football Club at the Australian Football League Grand Final!

It’s not often that the boys get spotted out together because of their busy schedules, but they had fun and were looking on point doing so. Liam snapped a selfie of their group and posted it on Twitter.

Both brothers were wearing fitted blue suits, ties and sunglasses. Liam had on wayfarer glasses to go with his five o’clock shadow while Chris wore aviators and flashed the camera a shaka sign.

It might be the last time the boys get to go home to Australia for a while, and might be the last time they get to hang out in a while too!

Liam is about to dive head first back into The Hunger Games. The premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 will hit theatres next month. And Chris will be busy promoting his most recent work In The Heart Of The Sea which will be released in December.

Twitter was swooning over Liam’s post, but Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull got to swoon over the Hemsworth brothers face-to-face. Turnbull spotted the boys in the crowd and made sure to grab a photo with Chris. He posted his celeb sighting on Instagram and poked fun at the Avengers star. He captioned the photo:

“Good to meet Chris Hemsworth today – talked about the contribution of the creative sector to our economy, but a bit weird he insisted on me calling him Thor.”

Hopefully Chris and Liam can find the time to put their work aside at some point during the holidays and bring the whole family together. I’m sure fans wouldn’t mind a Tweeted photo of the brothers in some Christmas onesies!

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