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Chinese Company Xiaomi Introduces Hands-Free Electric Scooter

Chinese company Xiaomi is an investor in the Ninebot company that owns and produces the Segway. This new scooter, called the Ninebot mini, is like the Segway but without the long handlebars. For now, the Ninebot is only coming to China on Nov. 3, and the rest of the world will have to wait indefinitely for the Ninebot mini release.

Stephanie Mlot from PC Mag reported the following: “Priced at 1,999 Yuan ($314), the Ninebot mini, with its hands-free design, aims to replace the more cumbersome Segway. During a Xiaomi event today in Beijing, the smartphone maker announced its new scooter, produced in conjunction with Ninebot, the Chinese start-up that acquired Segway earlier this year. But instead of handlebars and some sense of stability, Xiaomi’s knee-high device makes the rider look like they’re floating across the ground—much like you would on a hoverboard.”

Steve Dent from Engadget described the Ninebot mini’s performance features: “The performance is nothing to sneeze at, though — it can move at up to 16km/h (10 mph), tackle 15 degree hills and run up to 22 km on a single charge. It’s portable at 12.8 kilograms (28 pounds) and “fits easily in the trunk of your car,’ according to Xiaomi. You can also upgrade the firmware and monitor your speed, traffic data and systems via a smartphone.”

It is also cool that the scooter can be controlled remotely by cell phone without the rider on it. It has an alarm to prevent theft.

Paul Sawers of Venture Beat reports the following: “The Ninebot Mini also comes with a smartphone app that helps you control the direction of the scooter, though you’ll be reassured to know that it can only do so if nobody is on the scooter. In effect, it lets you use the scooter like a drone to deliver things — though this still raises questions around safety and potential mis-use. Additionally, the app lets you “lock” the scooter, after which an alarm will sound if the scooter is moved.”

Hopefully the Ninebot mini will arrive around the world soon.

Here is a demonstration of the Ninebot mini from Youtube channel GeekBuying.

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