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Children Lying May Be a Good Thing?

It is one of a new parent’s worst nightmares, and also one of the most happy times of a parent’s lives. Their child finally opens their mouths and starts to form words in the language that they are taught. It is amazing because while they enter a new part of a life, they also now have the ability to lie. A child lying to their parents is probably one of the most horrific things they can experience because usually a parent loves their child, but it is hard to trust anyone who lies. Just when you think your child lying to you is the end of the world, there may actually some good that comes from them demonstrating that ability.

Studies show that children who have good memories are also good at lying. The reason why this is thought of is because a liar needs to be able to remember what they say to people in order to mix up their stories. To add on to the theory, children were put through tests. One test was shown interviewing children, asking them questions which are intended to get them to lie to see what they do. Once it was over, they analyzed the facial expressions of these children. The ones who were better at lying were able to maintain their composure when they were answering, while the ones who were not so good at it exemplified some symptoms of being nervous, such as sweaty hands and stuttering. What was interesting was that there was another test which these same kids took and the ones who did not struggle with holding their composure during their lies did much better on the working memory portion of the test.

So parents, it seems if your child is a liar, they have some kind of potential to have good memories. This is not to say that lying is good, it just means that there may be something hidden in your child’s mischief. Of course, you need to get your child out of lying in order to unlock the true potential your child has.

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