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Children Being Abused & Repercussions

For the most part, children are already stuck in difficult situations when it comes to decisions to make. You may think that I am crazy for saying that because children usually have everything taken care of for them, but let me offer a few examples. What happens when a six year old catches his father with another woman other than his mother? Well, I will tell you. One of three things has a good chance of happening. If the child says anything to the one being cheated on, conflict usually starts up between the mother and father, and then the cheater may end up laying hands upon the helpless child. If the child does not tell, it is usually because they love the way their family is at the moment and do not want to do anything to ruin it. Lastly, if the child does not tell once more, it is likely because the one who was caught is probably bribing them or blackmailing them by saying that they will hurt their spouse, or they will ask the kid if they want to see the family broken up. In case you have not figured it out yet, I am talking specifically about homes where abuse or dishonesty is present.

It turns out that one in twenty children, more often than not boys, are abused during their childhood by their care givers or peers. It does not end there. Other forms of crime such as sexual assault were also factored into the mix. These are the prime candidates to develop issues such as depression, low self esteem, low sense of self worth, low confidence and many other mental illnesses that really can impact a teenager, young adult or fully grown adult’s life. Studies show that people that go through these kinds of problems can be helped through a number of ways. However, the best way is for them to find something that they love to do that builds their character, self confidence, and other elements that compose a healthy person. Some examples provided were talking to a counselor, joining a sports team and taking up the arts.

I guess it boils down to the ones who are dealing the damage to these poor children not knowing the repercussions of their actions. I bet they are the ones who believe that children are too young and naive to remember things that go on during their youth and that they just forget. Well, I have got news for those people. Have you ever seen or heard about those children or young adults who have a tough time believing in themselves, trusting in others, and feel helpless when it comes to situations where they are actually able to help themselves yet they are too scared to ? Those are the kinds of people that you create. When a child is traumatized with something like violence or abuse, they are basically stuck in a corner because they do not know how to process or handle it. In fact, for some of them, the experience haunts their thoughts at night while they sleep and it becomes hard for them to fall asleep once it happens. I urge parents out there to think about the kinds of things they do and say around their children before they go through with it.

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