Wednesday , February 26 2020
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What’s the new challenge taking the internet by storm? It’s the Charlie Charlie challenge!

Rumor has it that the challenge is based on an old tradition in Mexico. The tradition is essentially calling on an ancient spirit, Charlie. There are different ways to participate but the most popular involves drawing a chart with four squares. The top left and bottom right will say “yes”, and the top right and bottom left will say “no”. Then you take two pencils and make a cross in the center of the chart and begin calling for the spirit. Players call by saying “Charlie Charlie are you here?” Once you get a response you can ask yes/no questions. It’s basically a simplified version of a Ouija board!


The main reason this challenge has garnered so much attention is for all the hilarious spoofs online. Justin Bieber fans asking when his album will be released, One Direction fans asking which of the guys they’ll marry…some people even summoning Charlie Brown by mistake!


Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, there are warnings being circulated about the “game”. Contacting demons, believe it or not, can be a dangerous endeavor! Suggestions are that you call out “Charlie, Charlie can we stop” before ending the game. Consequences for not ending the game properly could be that you are leaving a portal open for other demons to come into your home.


To watch an extended clip of a group trying the challenge visit:

To watch some hilarious vines of the challenge visit:

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