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Charlie the Skye Terrier, "Best in Show."

Charlie the Skye Terrier named ‘Best in Show’ at 2015 National Dog Show

The competition was “ruff,” but Charlie the Skye Terrier came out as a champion on Thursday and was dubbed “Best in Show” at the 2015 National Dog Show.

The four-year-old pooch from Ocala, Florida beat over 1,700 contestants in order to gain the coveted title at the prestigious dog show presented by Purina. This isn’t his first rodeo though, not by a long shot; Charlie already has 78 “Best in Show” titles to his name and 200 other first-place finishes.

Other heavy contenders for this year’s competition included an Ascob Cocker Spaniel, a smooth coat Chihuahua, a Newfoundland, a Scottish deerhound, and French Bulldog named Rubi, owned by Patty Hearst, who was named “Reserve Best in Show.”

National Dog Show host David Frei called the terrier “a great winner” in an email to People. 

“Charlie is fun for everyone. He makes us all smile as we look at those big ears, his beautiful coat, his long and low shape, and his happy personality,” Frei stated enthusiastically.

Co-host John O’Hurley also sang the adorable Charlie’s praise: “The moment he entered the ring, I turned to David and said, ‘Wow…!’ ‘Heads and tails’ above the competition.”

“It was Charlie’s day,” O’Hurley explained. “Nearly 1,800 dogs started the day, but only one could be Best in Show.”

The 2015 National Dog Show aired live on NBC.

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