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Chain Collision Near Layfette Kills 5

After the shooting tragedy in Lafeyette, nearby residents are reeling from more devastation. An overnight collision caused by a tanker truck lead to a chain of effects which left five people dead.

Police report that the driver of the tanker truck, 34-year-old Pankiv Ruslan failed to slow to construction work in the southband lanes of I-65 near midnight. The truck collided into the back of a Toyota, causing the Toyota to slide off the road. The truck continued, rear-ending a Honda causing it to spin into the median. The truck again rearended another vehicle, a volvo semi-trailer carrying a load of frozen chicken wings.

The cars that were hit by the truck had slowed for construction. Both of the trucks and the Honda became engulfed in flames after the accident.

There were five deaths in the collision: Ruslen, the driver of the tanker truck; Jill Buck and her sons Branson and A.J., the individuals in the Honda; and Mikhail Yuyevich Stephanov, the driver of the Toyota. The passenger in the Toyota was left with injuries.

The aftermath of the collision led to lengthy highway closures. The accident was still being assessed and removed in the early hours of the morning.

Local residents are now dealing with this devastating tragedy, as well as the Lafeyette movie theater shooting.

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