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Cases of Malaria Rise in Guinea Post-Ebola

As a result of the Ebola outbreak in 2014, visits to health centres in Guinea reportedly fell by 42% as people feared contracting the disease. However, it is suspected that because of this reaction to the Ebola outbreak, there may be approximately 74 000 new cases of malaria going untreated in Guinea.

Because Ebola and Malaria share some of the similar symptoms like fever and headaches, many with fevers feared going to the clinics in Guinea over fear of either contracting Ebola or being sent to an Ebola treatment centre. Additionally, the numbers of people receiving malaria medication dropped by 70% during the outbreak. Unfortunately, malaria remains a bigger killer than Ebola, having killed 584 000 people in 2013 alone, with about 453 000 of these deaths being children.

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