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Credit: CBC

Canadian Political Candidate Caught Urinating In Stranger’s Coffee Mug

Credit: Jerry Bance
Credit: Jerry Bance

Canadian Conservative Party candidate Jerry Bance has apologised after old footage of him urinating into a stranger’s coffee mug surfaced from a repair job he took in his regular occupation as a service technician back in 2012. The footage, which was filmed via hidden cameras, was taken as part of an investigaion done by news program Marketplace into the ethical conduct of home repairmen.

The footage was aired on Marketplace back in 2012 but this is the first time Bance has been identified as the individual in it. The original airing of the programme only identified the man as “Jerry”. Called out to repair a dishwasher, Bance is filmed fixing the appliance before taking a coffee mug resting in the sink and relieving himself in it, all while the homeowner is in the next room. He then empties the mug down the sink, rinses it briefly and replaces it.

This probably couldn’t have surfaced at a worse time for Bance, who is running for office in the Canadian federal election on October 19. What’s more Bance is also the owner of XPress Appliance Service and I can’t imagine there’s a large amount of people out there willing to hire home appliance repairman with a history of going to the bathroom in client’s coffee mugs.

When contacted for comment by CBC News, Bance said “I deeply regret my actions on that day. I take great pride in my work and the footage from that day does not reflect who I am as a professional or as a person.” Bance did not offer any explanation as to why he didn’t just ask to use the bathroom before he left.

Predictably the incident gained rapid traction on social media, with the creatively named “peegate” hashtag trending on Twitter and copious amounts of memes appearing in the wake of the footage’s republication.

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