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Calm Down, Amy Schumer Is Still A Feminist

GQ magazine is known for their scantily clad cover models. From Mila Kunis to Kate Upton, GQ has showcased Hollywood’s most attractive stars shedding some layers. The most recent cover depicts Amy Schumer, dressed as Princess Leia sucking on the finger of C-3PO.

Now, why is it that Amy Schumer sucking on a robot’s finger is any more scandalous than a nearly naked Kate Upton going to town on a lollipop?

According to some analysts it is because of Schumer’s reputation as a down to earth feminist. However, I think what many people are forgetting, is that Schumer is a comedian. She employs humour to get her point across. Her videos, Milk Milk Lemonade, and Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup more than drive this fact home.

What proof do we have to suggest that Schumer isn’t treating GQ as just another platform to further her come-as-you-are agenda?

Schumer’s intelligence, and her take it or leave it personality have well publicized. Take for example, her acceptance speech at the 2015 GLAMOUR Awards.

Amy Schumer is actively dismantling gender norms and building up female empowerment one hilarious bit at a time. After all, what award was Amy Schumer being honoured with? Trailblazer of the Year. 

Feminists are up in arms about Amy Schumer’s appearance on the cover of this month’s GQ. And while that’s valid, let’s just all take a moment to remember that being a feminist in the 21st Century means having the ability – nay, the right – to do whatever the hell you want.

That said, we have no proof that this cover is what Schumer wanted. By asking Schumer to stuff a C-3PO digit in her mouth for the cover shot, her talent (her voice) is rendered irrelevant, even useless. And yet, does Amy Schumer strike you as the kind of person who does anything she doesn’t want to do? Not really.

If Amy Schumer was miming fellatio, it was because she was alright doing it. During Schumer’s Glamour acceptance speech she says how refreshing it was the magazine never asked her to do anything with a phallic object. Instead they invited her to just “be herself.” It’s comments like this that prove just how conscious Schumer is of the conversation that is an active part of.

Amy Schumer’s agency was not taken away from her during this shoot. Schumer undoubtedly had the final say. (And if she didn’t what a fantastic lawsuit this would make.) So, go ahead and be mad, get right riled up. Amy Schumer is no less of a feminist after this month’s fleeting GQ cover.


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