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Caffeine Proven to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Good news coffee-addicted men! And the less fortunate who suffer from ED Recent studies how that male members who drank two-three cups of coffee a day had lower rates of erectile dysfunction than those who were caffeine “free.” For those of you who didn’t know, erectile dysfunction is an issue that causes men the inability to have an erection while having sex. Well, on their terms at least

It’s a very embarrassing problem that males face, and is also the source of constant jabbing, since most macho-men associate their sexual ability (or lack thereof) with their virility and masculine identity.

This part-biological and part-psychological issue can be the result of many things, including insufficient nutrition, sedentary behaviour, nicotine intake and liquor consumption have all been linked to the phenomenon, as some, not many would call it.

Since the issue is cardiovascular in nature, and coffee is arguably known to be good for heart health, those who enjoy a cup of joe (or 20) in the morning and several times a day may be saving their sex lives!

While related studies show that very few men in their young adulthood suffer from ED, (less than half start by their middle aged years) as for the victims, a shocking 70% have given up the battle in the sheets.

The science of it

Since the caffeine in our coffee dilates our blood vessels, it supports the expansion and relaxation of arteries and smooth erectile muscles. This effect is seen across the board, even being visible in men with hypertension or obesity.

Sadly however, males who were diabetic didn’t benefit from the extra cup of morning brew in their life. While I’m no doctor, and can’t explain the exact science of it, Diabetes seems to have its own agenda, and number one on that is causing ED. And may be the single biggest disease factor responsible for it.

While those who aren’t would more than likely improve their sex lives but maybe not their libidos via a shot of espresso, I can’t in any good conscience encourage anyone to take up a caffeine addiction.

This is mostly because of the countless studies linking coffee consumption to everything from cancer to jittery nerves, to palpitations. Coffee can also cause insomnia, more-so in heavy drinkers, and like smoking, once you’re used to the fix, it’s hard to let go.

We as a species already have too many addictions to deal with, like technology, white flour, sugar, salt, McDonalds, The Walking Dead, gasoline, etc. adding caffeine into the mix just doesn’t seem logical. Instead, do what I did; give up white flower, cut back on sugar, start using public transit and a bicycle, and let your love of caffeine be the fuel for your adventures both in, and out of the bedroom!

Note: That was a joke, please don’t start an addiction to coffee, it’s not fun at all.

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