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Caffeine Keeping You Up?

One way or another, everyone at some point consumes some form of caffeine. Whether it is through the popular soft drink Coca Cola, the classic morning coffee that gets you moving throughout the day, through caffeine pills or even energy drinks, it enters our system somehow. Everyone also knows caffeine for its ability to increase our sense of awareness, sustained energy, and many other benefits. However, what if I told you that caffeine is potentially keeping you up in more ways than one?

Studies suggest that the consumption of caffeine may help both men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and those who are simply having a hard time on a particular night (no pun intended!). According to research from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, forty two percent of men were less likely to have erectile dysfunction after consuming one hundred and seventy milligrams of caffeine. The way this works is through the chemical effects caffeine has on chemical blood flow, specifically in a man’s penile region. One may look at results like these and think that the more caffeine someone consumes, the less chance they have of going through erectile dysfunction. This is not the case. Drinking up to nearly twice as much still reduces your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction, but only but thirty nine percent as oppose to the forty two from consuming half as much. Although no further research was done on the subject, the declining effect with more consumed caffeine leads me to believe that taking more and more caffeine will reduce the benefits. If this holds true, then people are almost better off taking no caffeine than taking a crazy dose like seven hundred milligrams or so, since such an erratic amount of caffeine will raise your heart rate dramatically.

I think that information like this will benefit those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, so long as they do not abuse the substance. It sounds easy enough, but coming from experience, it is easy to go overboard on something that you think is helping you. Similar to someone who gets hooked on exercising when they first start, someone who starts eating one particular food and seeing health benefits or someone who gets their own car and eventually stops walking anywhere altogether, someone who has too much caffeine will definitely feel the side effects of it.

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