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Burger King Still Determined to Collaborate on a ‘Peace Day’ Burger

After being respectfully turned down by McDonalds, Burger King is continuing to reach out to burger chains in the hopes that someone will combine sandwiches with the Whopper in the name of Peace Day.  Once the CEO of McDonalds, Steve Easterbrook, stated he wasn’t interested, BK posted a follow-up statement on its Facebook and Tumblr that it will maintain its search, mentioning that they have already been contacted by tons of other businesses interested in joining.

(Photo: CNNMoney)
(Photo: CNNMoney)

The proposal of the ‘McWhopper’ was launched to raise awareness for Peace Day, an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence initiated by the non-profit organization Peace One Day.  The idea was to lead by example, through putting aside their history of competition for a day of burger collaboration the two industry-leading corporations would get the word out on what Peace Day is.  Now that McDonald’s has denied the partnership, Burger King has begun developing plans to work with Denny’s, Wayback Burgers, Krystal, and Giraffas.

Denny’s revealed on August 31st that it was willing to participate, offering to combine its signature Slamburger with the Whopper.  The sandwich would be a BK burger with a diner-breakfast touch, adding pickles, onion, lettuce, tomato, hash browns, fried egg, and bacon to two beef patties.

Giraffas Brazilian Grill is a smaller restaurant based in Florida specializing in burgers and Brazilian-style steaks.  The company tweeted their idea of the ‘GiraWhopper’ or ‘BKBrutus’, presumably a steak-sandwich/burger hybrid.

Wayback, a restaurant in Connecticut, features nine different burgers on its menu, with its most prominent being the Wayback Classic.  However they may be most known for their ridiculous Triple Triple, a burger with nine patties and nine slices of cheese – containing 1,780 calories and 108 grams of fat.  They haven’t outright stated their idea for the team-up, but I pray for the poor digestive system of whoever eats it.

Lastly, there is Krystal, another small yet well established restaurant chain from Atlanta.  The 83-year old company seems to specialize in burger sliders, much like the compact burgers you would get at White Castle.

Burger King will make a small ‘pop-up’ restaurant in Atlanta for the collaboration on Peace day, which is September 21, selling whatever crossbreed sandwich they come up with.  The location was originally selected due to it being roughly halfway between Burger King’s headquarters in Miami and the McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago.  Whether they will just choose one integrated-burger variant or combine ingredients from all of those interested into some sort of mega Whopper remains to be disclosed.

While it all may seem like a blatant marketing scheme loosely coated with a positive activist-type message, one has to admit that their pursuit of this burger merger has spread awareness pretty well already.  I mean I hadn’t even heard of Peace Day until Burger King made their initial proposal so…yay consumerism?


Watch the original proposition here:

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