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‘Bug bite’ causes driver to critically injure motorcyclist

A video surfacing online, coming from Granbury, Texas, shows a vehicle that is behind a cyclist on a highway from a dash cam perspective. The video also shows a row of cars ahead of a motorcyclist on the Tin Top Highway in Texas.

At one point the motorcyclist speeds up to (illegally) pass cars on their left. One of the cars in the line suddenly jerks out and hits him, and then smoothly returns back to his place on the appropriate side of the highway.

William Crum, driver of the car that hit the cyclists, insists that his sudden jerking of the car was due to a sudden stinging pain he felt in his leg, which he presumes came from some sort of wasp or spider bite.

The cyclist doesn’t accept this excuse, arguing that Crum appeared to have complete control of the car and swerved out intentionally to hit him.

In the video, it is difficult to tell if the act was deliberate or not. The movement is very sudden and precise.

This accident left cyclist Eric Sanders’ girlfriend, who was riding passenger, in critical condition. When Crum is asked if he would like to apologize for hitting Sanders and his girlfriend, he said he’d like to apologize to Sanders’ girlfriend, but not Sanders himself because he was doing something illegal by passing when he shouldn’t have.

Crum has since been arrested and is posed with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It is yet to be known if his ‘bug bite’ defense will hold up in court.

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