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Bruce Jenner and Transgenderism

After the most recent news regarding Bruce Jenner’s decision to transition from man into woman, the news has been dedicated to how the Kardashian/Jenner family, as well as the rest of the world, has been responding. And, surprisingly enough, for the most part people have been accepting. The Kardashian family, and especially Kim Kardashian, have been pretty understanding with the situation. And not only is this good for Bruce, but, since so many people base their opinions off of those of celebrities, it’s good for the rest of our society as well. It models the way that the rest of the world should be reacting to the increasingly common announcement of this self identification. The world is becoming more okay with transgenderism, and I believe that having a celebrity like Bruce Jenner will just enforce this acceptance. This is a small step towards the rest of society becoming more comfortable in their own skin and mind.

In regards to Bruce Jenner himself, some individuals are becoming almost “too” okay with his announcement, and in fact have been trying to cash in on Jenner. A famous designer has created a clothing line trademarked “Transjenner”. Many people have identified this name and clothing line as “disgusting”, since this individual is clearly taking extreme advantage of Bruce Jenner’s situation.

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