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Boxing Day sale

Boxing Day is the traditional day when UK bargain hunters take to stores in search of a bargain.  The less hardy ones, who cannot queue from 4 a.m. sometimes and brave the crowd, stay at home and instead surge their favourite online stores.

This is when companies make sure that their websites can withstand the onslaught of customers browsing and placing their orders.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. During the Black Friday sales on November 27 John Lewis, the UK retail store had a website crash.  Today, it is Lush, the UK-based company that had its website crash.

It was around 11:30 that the company tweeted to inform their customers that their website had crashed and “apologised to its customers for the inconvenience.”

According to, Lush could have avoided this problem had it installed Content Delivery Network or CDN on its site.  “With a CDN in place, customers can access your site no matter how many visitors have the same idea at the same time. And they can quickly download your content whether they’re across town or halfway around the world,” the website says.

According to data firm Experian and the online retail trade association IMRG, online shoppers were expected to spend £856m today.  Still, High Street analysts predicted a lot more sales to happen in the High Street than online.  Some stores that. used to close on Boxing Day even opened their stores today.  Fenwick opened its store for the first time in its 124-year-old history.

It is amazing that only 24 hours earlier, the Pope was castigating a society “intoxicated by consumerism and hedonism” and was encouraging his listeners to act in a way that was “simple, balanced, consistent.”

As the Boxing Day sales came to an end, at least in the High Street, it was estimated that British shoppers had spent close to £4 billion.  The warning of Pope Francis might take a while yet to sink.

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