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Blue Moon Coming Soon!

Elvis Presley made the Blue Moon famous, and on Friday, it will make a rare appearance.

The majority of the world will get to experience a Blue Moon on Friday night, even better, it will occur at the same time everywhere (keep reading). Ironically, the phenomenon has nothing to do with its colour.

Most years, there are 12 full moons (one per month) experienced on Earth. However, this year, July has an extra full moon, making a total of 13 full moons for the year. The bonus full moon that we will be seeing on Friday is dubbed the Blue Moon.

Typically, the lunar month (also known as the synodic month – full moon to full moon) averages 29 and a half days. Mathematically, this is shorter than each calendar month (excluding February). The extra one and a half days of the month exceeding the lunar month add up over the year, leading to the bonus full moon.

The full moon looks like it lasts for the length of one night, however, scientifically and technically, it is an instant event. That means, when the sun, Earth and moon align, it’s happening at that moment; at the same time across the global. This time, the full moon (Blue Moon) will occur on July 31 at 6:43 am EDT.

Keep in mind, when you catch a glimpse, the moon will not actually be blue. Rather, the Blue Moon is a byproduct of the excess time between the calendar month and the lunar month. However, there is expected to be a slight blue-ish hue, so look closely.

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