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Blackhawks and Ducks Give Viewers a Stalemate of a Game

Last night hockey fans were kept on their toes late into the night as the Chicago Blackhawks and the Anaheim Ducks went into a third overtime, in which Chicago finally took game two of the Western Conference finals.

The two teams faced of in Anaheim California, with Chicago leading the game 2-1 in the first period, as Andrew Shaw scored the first goal just two minutes into the game, and Marian Hossa following four minutes after with the second.

Corey Perry went on to tie up the game for Anaheim in the second period, after Andrew Cogliano had scored in the first. This 2-2 tie in the second period started the beginning of what seemed to be a stalemate.

With no scores in the third period the game went into overtime. Close calls from both teams kept viewers on the edge of their seat waiting to find out who would take the game. However, no goals were scored and the game moved onto a second overtime.

It was in the second overtime that viewers got one of the game’s major highlights. With just over eleven minutes left in the second overtime, viewers thought Chicago won the game when Andrew Shaw headed the puck into the net.

In soccer fashion, Shaw literally jumped off the ice and head-butted the puck into Anaheim’s net in an attempt to score the game winning goal for Chicago. However, after much excitement the goal was disallowed as it is illegal by NHL rules, which prohibit players from deliberately knocking the puck into the net with anything but their hockey sticks.

Alas, the stalemate continued and the game went on to a third overtime.

After a total of 110 “scoreless minutes”, Chicago finally won the game (this time for certain) when Marcus Kruger scored the game winning goal and evened out the series to a 1-1 tie.

After what Sports Illustrated states was the 17th longest game in NHL history, Chicago and Anaheim now have less than 42 hours until they face off again in Chicago on Thursday night.

Whether or not the third game in the Western Conference finals will be as nail biting as the second is hard to say, but it is certain that it will be missing the head-butting action Shaw delivered last night. That moment in the game was just too amazing, that it must be recognized again with a clip below. Enjoy.

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