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Black Friday Video Game Deals: PS4 Price Drop and Other Console Savings

Friday, November 27 will come very soon, and deals have been announced by Sony for the PlayStation 4.  Here is what they had to say:

“…The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Bundle, which will be available at $299.99 USD (MSRP) in the U.S. for Black Friday weekend only, starting Thursday and extending through Cyber Monday. The bundle will also be available for $369.99 CAD (MSRP) in Canada Friday through Monday.”

Sony reports the bundle comes with the standard 500gb hardrive and all 3 Uncharted games. Uncharted 4 will arrive in March for PS4.

In addition, Costco will have $50 dollars off Ps4 and Xbox One.

Otherwise Tech Times reported some deals the Gamestop video game store will offer:

“GameStop also contributes to the list of PlayStation deals, offering bargains such as the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset for $69.99 and $20 off the PlayStation 4 Black DualShock 4 Wireless Controller…”

According to idigitaltimes,Target and Walmart also have WiiU sales for on Black Friday.

“Target and Walmart are both going to have it for $250. Meijer, a Midwestern retailer, has it even better: The same console bundle is $250, but also includes a $30 gift card for a subsequent visit. The Meijer deal is the best current Wii U deal, if you happen to live in that area of the country and don’t mind braving the lines.

It’s not immediately clear whether the Black Friday Wii U deals at Walmart and Target will be available online. If not, Toys R Us and GameStop have the same bundle for $280,…”

Amazon Canada has deals on Disney Infinity packs.  Also, if you buy Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on Amazon.ca you get any other Assassin’s Creed for $10.

Those in the UK can take a look at this list of Black Friday deals at http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/black-friday-2015-best-deals-major-video-games-game-amazon-tesco-more-1530089

Maybe it’s best to do Christmas shopping Friday though Monday, if you plan on purchasing video games or other electronics.  Happy shopping!

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