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Bill Cosby – A Crack In The Silence

“Reality is the situation. And I can’t speak”

Seventy seven year old Bill Cosby appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America for an interview. He purportedly went on to do the interview to talk about an initiative he’s a part of called the “March on Education”. However, when questions turned to the countless allegations Cosby sat uncomfortably in his seat trying to find a way to respond. He fidgeted and strung together a couple poorly worded sentences.

Over the last six months dozens more women have come forward with statements of sexual assault. While there have been many claims against the old-time comedian, there have yet to be charges laid. Unfortunately for these victims there are statutes of limitations that protect Cosby in this situation. The women, who were likely too afraid to tackle a suit this large, came forward a little bit too late. Once the accusations started pouring in it became clear that more and more women began feeling comfortable telling their stories. There is no limitation on pain and suffering, so it’s important for victims of abuse to know that coming forward and showing others that you CAN tell your story is the best thing you can do – even if your claims are against one of the most loved and admired men in the world.

Linsey Davis of Good Morning America prodded the celebrity more. She asked the hard questions and viewers got to watch his bizarre and calculated answers – or lack of answers. Davis asked how he would respond to kids that he’s trying to help  if they come up to him and ask him about the accusations. Cosby replied by saying they should listen to his message and not care who the message is coming from. He went on to say:

‘OK, listen to me carefully. I’m telling you where the road is out. I’m telling you where, as you drive, you are going to go into the water. And it looks like it might only be three inches deep but you and your car are going to go down”.

While there might not be a complete break in Bill Cosby’s silence, there is certainly a crack. And that’s all you need for a bit of light and truth to come through in either direction.

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