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Big Brother 17 To have Twins Again

A lot of you have grown up with good friends or family from your childhood days to your time as an adult now, and I bet you spend an hour or more talking to me about how important they are to you. The fact that you can go to them, tell them whatever is on your mind, and they will understand, not judge you and even offer insightful advice means the world to some people. Some might even say that these people changed their lives for the better and that they would not know where they would be without them. Well, when it comes to game shows where you need to spend months at a time with a group of people, they become just as important in the game. Shows such as survivor and Hell’s kitchen come to mind when I am talking about these particular topics. However, there is one more show with that is coming out with an intricate twist for the second time, twelve seasons later.

Big brother is the show I am talking about. For those who do not know what this show is about, it is about a group of people, maybe fifteen or twenty at the start, who all spend three months in a house together. Officially, everybody is on their own, but people throughout the house end up talking and making alliances with others in order to protect themselves and ensure their longevity in the game. These guests of the house complete challenges, shift control of certain roles in the house based upon those challenges, and every week, usually one person is eliminated from the house, but that is subject to change. Sometimes two or three go home, and sometimes nobody get eliminated. There is a five hundred thousand dollar prize at the end for the person who wins, which is chosen by the eliminated people from the house when the final two are established. Now imagine, you are in a house with these people, and everyday you strengthen friendships with some, and some days you end up destroying relationships with others, all to stay in the game. You are probably itching for me to reveal what this intricate twist is in the new season, so I will go ahead and say it. There will be a contestant on the show who has an identical twin, and both will be switching back and forth throughout the show.

Being a Big brother watcher growing up, I understand the significance behind such a change. Why do you think I prefaced the article with all that sentimental wording regarding friends and what they mean to you? Its because it is the same thing in Big brother. Allow me to explain what this little plot twist can entail. For example, if one of the twins is in one alliance, the other sister could act like they are, but they could really be in an alliance with another team, and that could really shake up the game. This will really make the game interesting, as the people on the show will likely think this person has some kind of bi-polar disorder or short term memory problem, and that could really put a damper on plans an alliance has. So with that said, imagine someone really in the Big brother house really building up a strong relationship with one of the twins, so strong that they feel they can tell them anything that crosses their mind, whether it is about how they are feeling or about their gaming strategy. Now combine that with this strong relationship building person being the leader of an alliance. See how many factors can change with someone essentially switching personalities every so often? I can not wait to see how this season plays out.

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